Phase 1

Content and Projects that are Currently in Production

Business Basics

Directors and agency owners are frequently telling me that self-taught pros are lacking business skills. So I’m building free resources to counter that (very real) problem.

Super Simple Digital PR

This will allow you to setup your own Digital PR setup using free/cheap tools and an email account. I’ll also provide a professional version for quicker implementation.


Can you put a structure behind ideation? You certainly can! I’ll show you how to do it, how to research your ideas and how to decide which ones are worth pursuing.

Phase 2

Currently in Planning

Marketing Basics

Want to get into marketing (or start marketing your startup)? This area of the site will get you moving.

Social Media Basics

These resources will provide you with a solid grounding on each of the major social networks.


Because marketing has more three letter acronyms, sayings, trends and doodahs than any other industry!

Phase 3

The future of Do Some

Progress Tracker

A quick and easy to use progress tracker that ensures you are building a credible audience.

Career Basics

If you need help getting into marketing OR progressing your career, this will help.

Blog Imagery

I will be focusing on creating your own imagery and offering cartooning services.


I am modernising an old course on Facebook communities to make it available here.

Equality and Diversity

I will establish a methodology for exploring this properly, through an ongoing process.

Awful Agency

If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen hints about this content project.