Nobody knows all the answers so stop thinking that you shoulda, woulda, coulda done this that and the other. Especially if the reason why you are so worried is because “everyone else is on TikTok and it’s so hot right now!”

You can produce results and I’m going to help you get there. You’ll work with me personally and we’ll ensure you are building, learning and progressing your marketing capability over the coming months and years.

We worked on a cartooning project for Ahrefs and it went great. Loved working with Dan because he knows our audience and can come up with ideas that communicate the right message. Dan is also a very easy-going person and a pleasure to work with.

If it wasn’t for Dan’s advice, coaching and guidance, I’d never have what I have now. Through starting out in business (and marketing it), Dan’s input has been absolutely invaluable. I cannot thank him enough, or recommend him highly enough.

He is very knowledgeable about both people and platforms.

Being everywhere on social media takes time. Yet Dan knows how to help me with time-saving tools and techniques, without ever losing the personal touch to what I want to share with others.

Dan has an exceptional ability to realise the potential of an individual. He helps to pick out the attributes that best show off a person and guides them down the right path. Dan is, without a doubt, a valuable contact to have.


Will you be offering marketing services in future?

There are currently no plans to be setting up an agency or offering done-for-you marketing services in future. However, there are plans to launch a series of templates and productised services starting with this super simple digital PR setup.

How quickly will you provide me with a quotation, we need to move fast?

I will typically turn these round in a week based on the current number of incoming messages here and at Dinokapi.TV. If you are in a hurry, the best way to give me a nudge is to tweet me. zv

What happened to the marketing coaching offers on this page?

I am not proactively offering these services any more, and so a waitlist is in operation. Make an enquiry if you are interested in setting up ongoing support!

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